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Marine Biology Courses: Advanced Certificate $150 or Diploma $290

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Advanced Certificate of Marine Biology $150 this month:

Normally $490

Diploma of Marine Biology (3 Advanced Certificates)  $290:

Normally $990


Welcome ! Australia Online Courses in association with Marine Biology Courses has Advanced Certificates  and Diplomas on special  this month.

Australia Online Courses (AOC) is the leader in online science & other courses – providing hundreds of quality courses in fields such as Marine Biology, Oceanography, Boating, Sailing & SCUBA.

community focused marine biology courses

Whether to gain skills, improve your CV, or simply learn something new, we have an affordable online science or other course perfect for you.

We are a community-focused organization & was started as an alternative to TAFE (Technical & Further Education College) and University to provide high quality but low cost training courses that everyone can afford.

study online marine biology courses

Our online courses are recognized by employers, industry relevant, and will help you achieve your career or other goals every time.

Studying online allows you to balance study with your existing work and home life commitments. With AOC you can train in your own space from work, at home or anywhere you have an internet connection.

24-7 support marine biology courses online

Our All-Inclusive Fee Guarantee ensures that you receive all course materials, 7 day tutor support if you need it with no more to pay.

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Once you have found the course you want, just add it to your shopping basket (take this course) then proceed to the checkout to pay and enroll. We have two payment options: You can pay via PayPal (credit/debit card) or direct bank transfer.


Once you have enrolled & paid your course fees, we will directly email your instructions, receipt, student handbooks, supplementary documents, and exam/assignment within 1-2 days.



All students are issued with a student number printed on their receipt. Once you have completed your assignment/exam for your course, email your answers along with your student number to :



All students can get free extensions to finish their course, just email your request and student number to :


marine science marine biology courses


We offer two (2) exciting online programs in the area of marine biology, both on special this month:

  • Advanced Certificate of Marine Biology
  • Diploma of Marine Biology

These courses are designed for those working, or who want to work in the sea-parks or ecotourism industries. The courses are also for people who are considering studying a Bachelor of Marine Science Degree as a great introduction to studying this exciting area.



The Advanced Certificate of Marine Biology covers all the fascinating sea and fresh water life such as fish, mammals, reptiles, birds, and more. The  Advanced Certificate courses are based around 1 hour study per night for 1-2 months. Assessment is via online assignments, all study materials are provided.


Taxonomy & groupings of marine life
Reefs & coral
Inter tidal zone
Fish & deep sea fish
Toxins to humans
Sharks & rays
Reptiles & birds
Jellyfish & invertebrates
Red/brown tide
Fish kills
Oil spills, Marine parks, and more


diploma example


The  Diploma courses consist of 3 Advanced Certificates and are based around 1 hour study per night for 3-6 months. Assessment is via online assignments, all study materials are provided.

The Diploma of Marine Biology consists of:

    • Advanced Certificate of Marine Biology (1-2 months)
    • Advanced Certificate of Oceanography (1-2 months)
    • Advanced Certificate of SCUBA Skills (1-2 months)

The courses are fully online, and you can enroll whether you are in Australia, or overseas.

For more information, visit the AOC website:

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